The seeds of Ironcenturion were planted in 2007 when three guys at a small university in East Texas started up a men’s ministry on campus.

LeTourneau University had a predominantly male population due to its emphasis on engineering and aviation degree programs but no ministry set up to speak directly to the hearts of men at such a critical juncture in their lives. Called to the same passions, Michael, Ruedi, and Tim started a chapter of Men’s Fraternity to help point the way to Authentic Masculinity.

Fast forward to 2014. Life had moved the three friends all over the globe but the desire to raise men up to be leaders never faded. Men’s ministries and church retreats left them feeling more domesticated- knowing that the warrior, the wild man within was calling out for more. So Tim called the guys he knew could help shake things up- including a new friend, Clint, who had recently moved back to Texas after serving in the US Marine Corps.

We united with one goal: to forge men into leaders through adventure and adversity. Everything we do is designed to teach men the vitality of brotherhood and to boldly lead like Jesus. We began creating outdoor adventure weekends that glorified God with a healthy dose of sweat, blood, and Jason Bourne. And so Ironcenturion came to be.

In the time since then, we have hosted multiple events where we’ve been privileged to see God working in men’s hearts. The journey to today has been an incredible ride. We’re thankful the Lord has blessed our pursuit of this ministry. And we’re thankful for the men that come out and willingly take on pain and discomfort to draw closer to the Lord, deepen relationships with other men, and leave to be better husbands, fathers, employees–leaders.

We are convinced that men who lead well have healthy families, which strengthen churches, that strengthen communities, that heal nations. Men who lead as Christ calls us are the foundation of the way God intended our society to operate, and we’re passionate about the small part we play in that.

If you, a man you love, or a group of guys need to be challenged to a deeper relationship with the Lord and leading well- we have a place for you here. Contact us at registration@ironcenturion.org.