At the core of what we teach men are what we call our Tenets of Leadership. Each of these ideals encapsulates recurring Biblical themes found throughout the entirety of Scripture.

A Leader Follows First

Men all around us are following after something- the next promotion, a potential spouse, social status- the list is immense.  Before a man can truly lead others, he must first follow Christ. This isn’t a singular moment of accepting Christ, but rather a daily choosing to follow him.

A Leader Holds Fast

In the days of sailing ships, sailors learned in a storm to hold fast to the parts of the ship that were weathered and beaten, because they could be trusted to still be there when the storm passed. As Christians we hold tightly to Christ by walking faithfully according to his Word.

A Leader Loves Deeply

The world is full of counterfeit love, but we who have been transformed by the Holy Spirit can offer the world a picture of who Jesus is by the way we love. Our actions toward others from our coworkers to our children, from complete strangers to our closest friends should be permeated by the aroma of Christ. 

A Leader Points Christward

As we grow in our relationship with God and as our eyes are opened to what he has done for us, we find joy in sharing that with others. Leaders take the message of the Gospel and intentionally pursue relationships with others to make him known.