Centurion Games

Get ready for the ultimate adventure race on April 22! This grueling competition will take you through stunning and rugged terrain, where you and a partner will have to rely on your emergency medicine, wilderness survival, and tactical training skills to make it to the finish line.

Designed to be accessible to anyone with a desire to push themselves to new heights, Centurion Games is perfect for both experienced athletes and men looking for a new challenge. 

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Event Details: 

  • April 22, 2023
  • Race Start: 0800
  • Race Duration: 8-10 miles with obstacles and skill checkpoints along the way. Most teams finish in 4 hours.
  • Early Registration (Before March 23): $34.95/$44.95 Per Person (Legion Member/Non-member) 
  • Registration (March 23-April 22): $44.95/$54.95 Per Person (Legion Member/Non-member)
  • Location: Morgan Mill, Texas
  • On site camping and a skills refresher course will be available on the night of April 21 at no additional cost
  • Open to all men ages 18 and up


  • First Place Team: $500 prize pack
  • Second Place Team: $250 prize pack
  • Third Place Team: $100 prize pack 

Required Gear:

  • Ruck (and/or plate carrier) with 35 lbs (not including water)
  • Work Gloves
  • Long Pants
  • Eye & Ear Protection 
  • Water
  • Optional: Each team may bring one 5.56mm carbine and one 9mm pistol. Our equipment will be available to teams without these items. (More details will be sent to registered teams).

Do it for the glory of your legion! 

Points from every two man team will go towards the Legion you are a part of. If you’re not a member yet, you’ll get to join the Barbarian Horde for the day and put our newly formed Legions to the test. The Legion with the most points at the end of the event will collect the 2023 Top Legion streamer for their Legion Standard. 

All registrants will have access to our train-up plans to help get you prepared for the race.

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Not A Legion Member Yet?


  • What if my partner isn’t a Legion member- do we compete with the Legion or on the Barbarian team?

    • Your partner can compete as a guest of the Legion as long as one person is a member, but will not have the special rate for Legion members
  • What if I don’t have a partner?
    • This is a great place to find one- register as a solo racer and we’ll pair you up with someone the day of the event
  • What skills will be tested?
    • The skills tested at each checkpoint will not be disclosed- but we’ll send out a list of skills to brush up on to the registered participants. We’re also hosting a refresher training at 20:00 on April 21 at the event location if you want some personalized instruction from our cadre. 
  • What is the Barbarian Team?
    • Centurion Games is an opportunity for our Legions to challenge one another, but we wanted to make sure everyone was welcome- so the Barbarian team was created to offer a formidable opponent to our Legions and incorporate men who haven’t had a chance to join our Legions yet. 
  • What are the physical requirements?
    • Bottom line- the more fit you are, the less difficult this will be. We challenge you to show up even if this is outside your comfort zone- you’re guaranteed to at least do better than the guys without the grit to try.  

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