Operation: Midnight Wraith

October 15-17, 2021 [Dallas, Texas]

Whether you’re a business traveler, missionary, or want to just be a harder target- this event brings practical, hands-on training from the world of clandestine operations- spycraft for the everyday man. Additionally, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what the Bible says about how we’re called to lead.

If you’re serious about taking your faith to a deeper level, strengthening your bond with your brothers, and living out the adventure Christ calls us to then this is the place for you.

Tactical Course Outline

The course offerings for this event are solid. Escape illegal restraint. Lock picking. Clandestine surveillance. Hand-to-hand combat. Tactical medical care. Red Teaming. Operational Planning and Mission Execution. Just to name some. We’re packing in a ton of instruction that you won’t just take notes on, but have numerous opportunities to execute in live training scenarios in an urban environment. The capstone of the course will be a mission that you and your team will plan and execute these skills in a current event based scenario to further demonstrate the relevance of the training.


We’ve partnered with Freedom Shield for this OP and assembled a team of professionals in this line of work to bring you the highest quality of instruction possible. You’ll hear from experts with backgrounds in the intelligence community, private security, law enforcement, and the military.

Biblical Leadership

Calculated precision. Intentional planning. Hardened mindset. That’s what it takes to be a covert operative behind enemy lines. It is also what it takes to be a strong leader. We’ll take an in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about who we’re called to be as leaders.


We’re firm believers that skills learned in a traditional classroom are very difficult to execute under stress.

The physicality of our events is designed to encourage men to lead active lives and to teach things that can only be learned by taking the hard road. Our skilled instructors have used these methods effectively in military and law enforcement training environments. Luckily for you- the intent here isn’t to wash you out, but solely to build you up. Physical conditioning prior to the event is always encouraged. We’ve had men from 18 to 60+ successfully complete our events and if you show up with the mindset that giving up isn’t an option, regardless of your current fitness level- we won’t give up on you.

Event Details

Cost: $249
*Discounts available for full-time church staff, first responders, and military veterans. Email registration@ironcenturion.org for details.

Registration fee covers training, lodging, and meals for the duration of the event.

Start Time: 17:00 Oct 15, 2021
End Time: 12:00 Oct 17, 2021

Dallas, Texas. Exact location will be sent to registered participants. Ingress/Egress to this operation will be done via drop-off, taxi/rideshare, or public transit such as the DART Rail.

Restricted Registration: Men 18+. Must be a US Citizen/Permanent Resident without a felony record

Packing List (PDF)

Register by 23:59 on September 17 for a chance to win a $100 prize pack!