Rank & Recognition




At the conclusion of each operation we hold an SPQR ceremony to honor the men who triumph over the challenges.


During the ceremony each man recites the Ironcenturion creed, the rest is classified. If earned the Ironcenturion Award is bestowed.




I am God’s creation. Like my creator, I am a force to be reckoned with.

With his strength I will stand for what is holy and true.

Should my brother fall on the field of battle, I will come to his rescue.

I will lead by following after Christ, loving deeply, and holding fast to the faith that is my rock.

Those around me shall look to me for strength and I will point them Christward.

I will protect the weak. I will keep the watch. I will fight the good fight.

I am the Ironcenturion.





It is widely thought that in the Roman Army, once you completed Armatura– the capstone of the initial infantry training, you received a tattoo that physically marked your allegiance to the empire. SPQR stands for the Latin phrase: Senatus Populus Que Romanus (The Senate and the People of Rome). For every subsequent year of service a tally mark was added to the tattoo.


Tattooing participants was not well received by wives during our initial studies, so we decided to stick with a modern equivalent- morale patches. These patches remind us that you aren’t pledging your life to the service of a man-made empire, but to the Kingdom of God & His people.


For every successfully completed operation, you’ll advance to the next rank and your patch will let others know how much you’ve endured with us. You may earn one from each operation.


Level I: Munifex

SPQR 1The basic line soldier. Equivalent to a modern day Private. Green but ready.


Level II: Decanus

SPQR 2The first promotion a soldier was eligible for. Equivalent to a modern day Sergeant. He gets his first taste as a leader of men.


Level III: Optio

SPQR 3Second in command to the Centurion. Equivalent to a modern day Lieutenant. He is proven and battle tested.


Level IV: Centurion

A leader of a Century (80-100 men). Equivalent to a modern day Captain. He rose from the ranks because of his grit and heroism.


Level V: Primus Pilus

Commander of the Legion (5000-6000 men). Equivalent to a modern day Colonel. He is both wise and ruthless, his expertise in warfare defines gravitas.


Level VI: Praetor

Commander of the Army. Equivalent to a modern day General. He wields the might of Rome at his fingertips.


(If you ever do get these tattooed… send us a picture.)




Ironcenturion Award



The Ironcenturion Award is the sought after prize award to one man per operation. A hand-made, wooden rudius. In Roman history a wooden rudius was the starting point for sword training, and it was used as a meaningful symbol.


This award is only bestowed if there is a man whose character and leadership during the event merit the award.  It is chosen by fellow participants and the Triarii. It is the highest honor.