Operation Midnight Wraith

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September 23-25, 2016.

Calculated precision. Intentional planning. Hardened mindset. That’s what it takes to be a covert operative behind enemy lines. It is also what it takes to be a strong leader. You will be trained in unique skillsets you’ve seen on the big screen and we’ll get tough on how all of it applies in practical ways to your life. The details on this OP are more closely guarded than any before it. 

This is not a men’s retreat. It is a breed entirely of it’s own. You will be tested in every way possible and if you’re serious about taking your faith to a deeper level, strengthening your bond with your brothers, and living out the adventure Christ calls us to then this is the place for you.

Space is limited, so reserve your adventure  today!

Find out why men keep coming back.



Dallas, Texas. The exact location will only be  disclosed only to registered participants. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot arrive or leave by car (unless someone else drives). This is partially to avoid parking/car  safety   issues & to aid in the instruction of urban movement techniques.  Consider a dropoff, use  the train or city bus, take an uber.  Be resourceful. If flying in, use Dallas Love Field (DAL) or DFW International Airport (DFW). Public transit is available from both airports to our location- do not get a rental car.

Guest  Speaker











Garrett Unclebach was born in Texas and raised in Frisco, near Dallas. An adventurer from his earliest days, Garrett’s single ambition upon graduating from high school was to become a Navy SEAL. Graduating from BUDS, the feared and famed SEAL Training program, he was assigned to SEAL Team THREE.

Over the course of six years, Garrett earned his SEAL Trident, became a communications expert, a combat controller calling in precision close air support, a freefall jumpmaster, and a SEAL Platoon Squad Leader – guiding 8 other SEALs through countless high risk training and real world operations on multiple continents.

Raised a patriot, and instilled with the deepest sense of servant-leadership – Garrett’s new mission is to encourage others to become heroic versions of themselves and to make a difference in their families and community. He is passionate about training men to be godly leaders and will be joining us to lead one of our spiritual development sessions.

General Schedule

The weekend goes from 19:00 (7:00 pm) Friday to 14:00 (2:00 pm) Sunday. Throughout the weekend you’ll be instructed in several courses, including the following:

Tenets of Leadership: Biblical leadership in every arena of your life.

Clandestine Operations: Operate undetected in urban environments as you conduct intelligence and counterintelligence activities.  

Live Op:  Put your training to the test with a live force on force operation in the heart of Dallas.


Physical Challenge Level

From high school athletic fields to battlefields around the globe, men know nothing forges brotherhood quite like physical adversity. If you man up, show up, and give your  team  your best effort we won’t leave you behind. This event will be challenging- but make sure you’ve read the FAQ’s and a description of our LEGIONARY level events before you give us the all too frequent dad-bod/old man excuse. Individuals don’t successfully complete our events- teams do. Every time.

Here is the official Ironcenturion Fitness Plan  to get you prepped for your event with us.


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Ironcenturion Fitness Plan [Download PDF]





  • Full weekend event
  • All meals
  • An EDC Kit to Keep
  • Class materials
  • Top-notch instruction
  • Follow-on Leadership Development Curriculum


COST IS $240 by 19 AUG 16 // $250 by 18 SEP 16

Discounted registration available for veterans, police, firemen, EMS, and full-time church staff.

Contact registration@ironcenturion.com for details.


  • Private weekend event
  • All meals
  • EDC Kit to Keep
  • Class materials
  • Top-notch instruction
  • Team Building



Contact registration@ironcenturion.com for details.


Advance Warning

No one said becoming an operative was easy. So here’s a disclaimer:


The very first challenge of the event will be securing transportation to the training location. You will not be allowed to drive yourself to or from the event. More details will be given to the participants but understand especially if you are from outside the DFW metroplex that you will need someone to drop you off Friday and pick you up Sunday at a location in the vicinity of Dallas (wife, girlfriend, non-manly friend that didn’t attend, Uber…).

This training is designed to closely replicate a Special Operations environment and will be demanding physically, emotionally and intellectually. The course requires attention to detail, failure in this could result in a fair amount of sweat leaving your body. You should be prepared to walk through urban terrain up to ten miles with equipment. You will experience high levels of stress and fatigue which you will be expected to manage successfully. The training will be a mix of lectured subject matter accompanied by hands-on training.

The training involves inherently dangerous, and potentially life-threatening activities. We have put safety measures in place; however, you cannot attend if you are currently ill; have known head, neck, or back injuries; heart disease; or are unable to travel on foot. Please judge your physical fitness level accordingly.


This course and it’s instructors are duty bound to US laws and will NOT instruct participants in classified material.