Clint hanging out in Hawaii



Clint is as patriotic as they come. Born and raised in Texas, he joined the United States Marine Corps in 2004 as an infantryman. He was hand selected by his command team at the end of his initial training to go to Washington, DC as part of President Bush’s security detail at the White House- a team that he would later go on to lead as the senior ranking non-commissioned officer.


Throughout his time in the Corps he completed training in areas such as the Advanced Infantry Course, Marine Combat Water Survival Instructor, and earned a black belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.


Clint has a deep love for the Friday night lights- which is a direct result of growing up with a dad who coached teams successfully at the high school and collegiate levels.


Clint, his wife Jenny, and their two daughters live in Keller, Texas where he works as a financial advisor.