Each event has a set challenge level that dictates the amount of pain and suffering you’ll endure to earn one of our prized patches. Note our unusually high pass rates- our cadre refuse to leave a man behind, and you’ll find neither will the men you’re shoulder to shoulder with. We believe in giving you the most accurate portrait possible of the challenges you’ll face (without giving away the tricks up our sleeves) so you know what to expect- not to scare you off. You were built for this, just ask any of the guys with one of our patches.


He's wearing a bear for crying out loud.



















Challenge Examples


Obstacle Courses

Ruck Marching: 5+ Miles (30 lbs)

Event Length

1-3 Days

Skirmisher Events

Operation: Intrepid Dawn

Operation: Silent Torch

Historical Pass Rate


Demonstrating the utmost bravery, these light fighters took the first blows on the advancing army before they were hit by waves of legionaries following closely behind. You’ll be tested- maybe for the first time in your life. You’ll need to prove you can fight alongside the brothers to your left and right.





















Challenge Examples


Sleep Deprivation

Strenuous Physical Training

Ruck Marching: 7+ Miles (30 lbs)

Event Length

3 Days

Legionary  Events

Operation: Dauntless Eagle

Operation: Midnight Wraith

Historical Pass Rate


As a  battle hardened heavy infantryman, you take  all the Barbarian armies could throw at you and gave it right back. You’ll be pushed hard- so hard you may even want to quit, but that’s when you’ll push back proving yourself yet again among your cohort.























Challenge Examples

Military-style “Hell Nights”

Heavy Physical Training

Ruck Marching: 10+ Miles (40+ lbs)

Event Length

3 Days and up

Champion  Events

Operation: Black Arrow

Historical Pass Rate


When the mighty armies of Rome start to falter they look to you. Your unwavering ferocity never backs down to a challenge. You lead from the front, never considering failure an option.