Outdoor adventure and discipleship  for you  to develop leadership, learn  manly skills, test your grit, and deepen relationships with your brothers in Christ.

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APRIL 13-15


Subdue the Earth. Outrun the enemy.

The date is November 30, 1944. It will go down in history as the bloodiest day for the 390th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force. After receiving catastrophic flak damage from Nazi  anti-air defenses your B-17 crew is forced to ditch behind enemy lines. Whether any of you stay alive or evade capture remains to be seen.

Our highly qualified cadre will lead you through training that will challenge your walk with Christ, deepen your skill-set to survive in the wild, and give you an opportunity to forge deeper bonds with your closest friends as you are immersed in the true story of an American bomber crew during the Second World War.

Skills you’ll learn:

Tenets of Leadership: Four classes on biblical leadership in your home, church, and community

Wilderness Survival:  Learn skills to stay alive.

Escape and Evasion:  Remain out of the enemy’s grasp.

Primitive Hunting: Use simple tools to get vital protein.

And more… 


Here’s how to join us:

Step 1: Register

Register solo for just yourself or get our biggest discount as a team of two. Done? Great! Now, you wouldn’t show up to a major race without training first. It’s the same here. Start getting your body ready with the  Ironcenturion Fitness Plan [PDF]. Get your equipment ready by reading the Packing List [PDF].

Step 2: Attend the OP

Operation: Dauntless Eagle is a challenging event (see info on LEGIONARY level OPs). The details of this OP are closely guarded, but here’s what we can tell you: you’ll receive real world, hands on survival training unlike anything the Boy Scouts offer. We’ll test your team’s ability to handle strenuous physical circumstances in a stressful environment. And most importantly, we’ll look at why the world needs us to be leaders  for Jesus Christ. 

Step 3: Go Deeper

You’d have every right to be skeptical if we advertised real life change over 48 hours. Our Discipleship Guide is a six-week curriculum designed to help our instruction take root in your life after the OP. It’s for the men who realize we only get one shot at this life, so let’s make it count.


APRIL 13-15


Special pricing for first responders, veterans, and full time church staff. Contact us for details.



Registration just for you

  • Full weekend registration
  • All meals
  • Top notch instruction
  • Follow on Discipleship Guide
  • Chance to earn a patch



The best way to experience this op

  • Team discount
  • Bring your battle buddy
  • Same food
  • Survival kit for each man
  • Paired with others to round out a full team
  • Follow on Discipleship Guide
  • Chance to earn a patch


Contact Us

An exclusive event for your group

  • Same great instruction
  • Scheduled for your time
  • Our place or yours
  • Our instructors
  • Our Discipleship Guide
  • Turnkey team building event



The location of our training site is only disclosed to registered participants. We will depart from Fort Worth, Texas.

General Schedule

The weekend goes from 19:00 (7:00 pm) Friday to 15:00 (3:00 pm) Sunday. That’s all you get to know for this one.


Advance Warning

No one said becoming a warrior was easy. So here’s a disclaimer:


This training is designed to closely simulate a wilderness survival experience and is extremely demanding physically, emotionally, and intellectually. You should be prepared to walk through the wild ten to fifteen miles with equipment. Hunger, thirst, and difficulty sleeping will be natural consequences of the scheduled training. You will experience high levels of stress which you will be expected to manage successfully. In addition to hands-on training, there will be lectured subject matter for you to consume.

The training involves inherently dangerous activities. We have put safety measures in place; however, you cannot attend if you suffer from a condition in which fasting for 48 hours would cause a medical emergency, are currently ill, have head, neck, or back injuries, or are unable to travel through the woods on foot. You will be camping outdoors in a remote area. Please judge your physical fitness level accordingly.

You don’t need to be Meriwether Lewis, Bear Grylls, or an Eagle Scout to succeed during this weekend. We will teach all skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. Having some grit will help.



Centurion Voices

Here’s what men are saying about us:


“Ironcenturion is not your everyday experience and not for the “easy-life” man. If you are looking to be changed as a man mentally, physically, and spiritually than there is no reason you shouldn’t sign up for an event.”
-Garrett Unclebach- US Navy SEAL 


“Ironcenturion meets a vital need in our nation. They’re innovatively training men to be leaders and men of God with the grit to impact their families, churches, and communities for Christ. I urge you to join them!”
-Patrick Morley – Best Selling Author, Exec Dir Man in the Mirror



“The genius of Ironcenturion is that it gets guys dealing with their spiritual lives, not by leading with contemplative questions, but rather giving them challenging experiences and forcing them to make real-time decisions.”

-Micah Barnum – Pastor, Christ Chapel Bible Church


“Ironcenturion sharpened my skills and spirit at a time when God beckoned for me to be the man, husband, and father that He planned for me to be. The  staff truly have the skills and talent of amazing teachers of God’s word and, well, the cool stuff that your parents and Boy Scout troop won’t teach you.”

-Marcus Payne – Engineer


“The event itself was great and offered a lot of practical and fun experiences, but the spiritual implications of this event have been monumental in my walk with God.”

-Mat Honkus – Engineer

Ready to go? Register Here.


Justin Krieg


US Infantry Officer TXARNG;
Small Arms Expert;
Reconnaissance and Surveillance


Tim Storm


US Army Combat Engineer Officer;
Precision Explosives;
Eagle Scout


Michael DeGroat


Kayaked 850 miles of the Mississippi River;


Ruedi Schubarth


Multiple deployments as Aerospace defense contractor;
Mountaineering SME


Clint Spradlin


Former USMC Infantry NCO;
Personal Security Detail: POTUS



Come join us. Register Here.


1) Pick the operation you want to attend
2) Complete your order
3) One week in advance of the event you’ll receive an email with the final details and your marching orders.

Remember, there are no refunds.

So… what is this?

Sick of men’s retreats? Us too. We need adventure in our  lives to thrive, so we work hard to provide that in a way that draws you closer to our Lord and to the brothers he’s given you. This is nothing like any church event you’ve been a part of before. The content and the challenges are unapologetically designed to speak to what makes you uniquely male- and men keep coming back because they find themselves connecting to God and their brothers in ways that don’t happen in a retreat center. Lasting  life change doesn’t happen over a weekend but we’ve seen this be a powerful catalyst in the lives of men who have attended. Invest in your walk with God and see what he does with it. We dare you.

Why do I need this?

It’s a valid question.  Is your God-given need for adventure satisfied regularly? Are there other men in your life committed to see you become more like Jesus? Are you leading from the front in your home, church, and community? If you answered no to any of these questions then we want to be a part of your life. Too many men quit the race. They abandon their faith and their families because no one stood shoulder to shoulder  with them- shields raised to fight the enemy. If you want all your answers to be yes, we have a place for you.

Where do you host events?

We’re based in  Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and our event locations are within a short drive of the metroplex.

Why should I leave my family for a weekend?

We get this question a lot. Quite frankly, it’s because they need you to. But this guy says it better:

Walking point– being the first man on patrol, literally the point of the spear- requires levels of alertness that, once developed, never go away… Similarly, being the point man of your family team means that sometimes you will have to go out ahead and take time away from them. You’re going to have to leave– not become an absentee father but to be the knowledgable and relevant father your son needs. If you’re not leading from the front, being the person you want your children to be, then you will not be able to show them the way. You need to be as well as be there or else the whole thing backfires.”

-Eric Davis, Former US Navy SEAL

Can I get a refund?

We cannot provide refunds or credit to other events. If you are unable to use your ticket please notify us so that we can donate your ticket to our scholarship fund for guys that can’t afford to come. If your team knows of a replacement let us know an they can be added to the standby list. Contact registration@ironcenturion.org.

What if I can't recruit a team?

Here’s the idea behind teams: it’s easy to make some snap decisions or resolutions that you don’t really intend to keep. Especially over a “retreat” weekend. We’ve been around long enough to know that. So your team is there to keep you honest over the long haul. The closer you are to the men on your team the better. But even if you’re not blood brothers yet we’ll give you a solid foundation to start from if you just show up. Bottom line: you’ll get more out of this weekend if you bring at least one guy with you, but we won’t turn you away if your friends are lame and you have to come solo.

Is this a good event to bring my unbelieving buddy to?

We’re unapologetic about who we are and what we believe. Our weekends are tailored to men who put their faith in Christ in order to be a voice to men who wish to develop their relationship with God- there won’t be an altar call. If you have a friend that wants to know more about what Christian masculinity looks like we’d be happy to have them.
For the sake of the other men attending- we ask that you don’t ambush a non-believing buddy and unilaterally sign them up for something more than they bargained for.

My wife doesn't want me to go- HELP!

We get it. We’re married and have kids too- It can be hard to justify a whole weekend away that on the surface looks like a goof off time with the guys. We can assure you that’s not the case. Men’s lives are changed and we’ve seen it with our own eyes. Pray about it with her. Have her get in touch with us and we can answer any questions she has or we can have her talk to our own wives that fully support us on this endeavor. The key is to make the decision as a team. (Flowers, chocolate, and Caribbean cruises never hurt anyone’s mood either.)

(See also: Why should I leave my family for a weekend?)

What are the minimum requirements to come?

Our events are only for men who are US Citizens or permanent residents  18  years old and up. Some events are closed to those with a felony record due to the laws regarding our subject matter.

I'm not in shape.

That’s a statement, not a question… but we’ll answer it anyway because it’s one of the biggest excuses we get.

What shape were you expecting to be? We’ve had plenty of men complete our courses and none of them have been triangles, trapezoids, or rhombuses.

Under that dad bod you may be rocking is a perfectly good warrior. A warrior that is built for this. Just because this lies outside the fringes of your cubicle dwelling comfort zone doesn’t mean you lack what it takes. Show up and you’ll prove it to yourself. Justin did- see what he has to say about it.



What are the physical requirements?

Read  our challenge level rating for each event, and know that all of our events are designed to push you physically. You may be required to hike over rugged, hilly terrain with a pack, rappel into a canyon, crawl in the dirt and other activities that will make you sweat. Without getting into legalese, you’ll need to be in decent shape and injury free, but you don’t need to be a super-athlete. (See also: “I’m not in shape.”)

We realize one of the joys of getting old is that the body doesn’t quite function like it did when when you could throw a pigskin a quarter mile. We’ve had men in their upper 40’s complete our events and we’re always looking to set new records. If you’re willing to work through any limitations you have and give us 100% effort we won’t quit on you. For a bit of perspective- King Leonidas was over 60 when he led the 300 Spartans to victory in Thermopylae.

Will I be allowed to arrive late or leave early?

Late arrivals/early departures must be cleared with Ironcenturion at least 24 hours prior to our event except in case of family emergencies. If your arrival or departure causes you to miss a substantial amount of course material we may choose to not allow your participation in the event for the safety and benefit of the other participants. Please check with registration@ironcenturion.org prior to purchasing your ticket if you have any questions regarding this policy.

I looked up Ironcenturion in the dictionary and it isn't a real word, what gives?

You caught us. We made it up. But here’s where it comes from:

Iron [ahy-ern] n.: Ore that is extracted from the earth and made into durable, useful tools  through the hands of a blacksmith capable of driving out impurities and forming it through the forging process.

Centurion [sen-too r-ee-uh n] n.: The commander of a Roman Century of 80-100 soldiers, a rank typically earned by enlisted soldiers that  distinguished  themselves in battle by displaying uncommon valor and were subsequently  given the authority to lead men. No  pedigree required, just a warrior’s heart that has  proven that he’ll fight for the lives of the men next to him.

In short, Ironcenturion means: one who has been forged from dirt and rock into a leader of men. But that’s just the beginning.

What we’re not:


  • A Brand of Christianity 

We don’t think if you haven’t killed an elk with a letter opener that your faith is suspect. Jesus never said you had to like camping, the outdoors, or other things our society calls manly to be a real man of God.


  • Tin-Foil Hat Wearers

Thanks to the Discovery Channel, the assumption these days is that if you’re into things like wilderness survival or tactical training you probably have a cache of food and ammo for the next three decades in your closet, but that’s not us. We’ve simply found those skills have made for great adventures from childhood forward. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the guys that attend our events are normal too- teachers, accountants, former military, and factory workers- a cross section of American working men.


  • Perfect 

We’ll go to great depths to make sure everything we teach is perfectly in line with Scripture and the lives we lead are in step with that same teaching. But we’re only men, so give us grace and call us out when we stumble, and test our words against what the Bible says.


  • For Everyone 

Not all men believe the same stuff we do; not everyone enjoys the stuff we do. And that’s ok.

What we believe:


  • Jesus 

Jesus Christ is the sacrificed and resurrected Son of God and His return from the grave spares those who trust in His name from eternal separation from a holy God.


  • Adventure 

God has instilled in some men a passion for His creation and a desire for adventure that cannot be quenched. It is a longing to know what is around the next river bend, on top of the mountain, or waiting in the wild.


  • Community 

God has given all men a need for community in order to grow. All spiritual growth in the BIble happens in the context of community-with others & with God.


  • Passions 

Our Savior delights to meet us in the place where our passions lie to teach us and to shape us to be more like Him.


Want to get in touch? Send us an email or use the contact form below.

Fort Worth, TX



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